Marion E. Pietz, M.S., is a well sought after humorist and motivational speaker. Marion specializes in introducing humor therapy and laughter into the business world as a means of stress relief. She has been invited to speak all over the country and has received numerous awards and commendations for her seminars. As a licensed professional … [Read More…]



As a licensed professional counselor and marriage family therapist, Marion has a natural talent for blending all the “serious stuff” with just the right amount of humor to make her seminars a joy to attend. A transplanted Yankee from New York, Marion lives with her “Bubba and Sissy” in Houston, Texas. Take time to discover the laughter for yourself. Marion recommends that everyone incorporate mirth into their lives ever day….[Read More…]



Looking for an effective yet delightful way to energize your sales staff or church members? You’ve found “it” here! Marion incorporates humor therapy and laughter therapy to her presentations for Business Luncheons, Ladies Conferences, Church Anniversaries, Christmas Parties, Business Meetings, Corporate Events, Trade Shows, and Women’s Groups. Contact Marion Pietz Today for an uplifting and stress-free experience. ….[Read More…]



“Marion presented an in-service for our campus which I believe really helped our staff get more excited and enthusiastic about a new school year. The presentation also helped us gain more cohesiveness as a team. It was rumored that a couple of the participants “laughed ’til they leaked!” Several teachers made the comment that this had been the best in-service that they had ever experienced …one teacher said it was the best she had attended …[Read More…]