“Marion presented an in-service for our campus which I believe really helped our staff get more excited and enthusiastic about a new school year. The presentation also helped us gain more cohesiveness as a team. It was rumored that a couple of the participants “laughed ’til they leaked!” Several teachers made the comment that this had been the best in-service that they had ever experienced …one teacher said it was the best she had attended in 27 years! We hope to have Marion back in the middle of the year for some more humor therapy!”

Charles Childs, Principal
Tarkington ISD, Texas

“Ms. Pietz’ presentation had great impact on a diverse audience. Her energetic and winsome style quickly had everyone involved. Her psychological principles are very sound and her approach, very effective. I purchased her CD to take home to my wife who is the superintendent of a large school system, because she is always looking for good and helpful things to share with her staff and employees, and i think this is a stellar program for consideration.”

Chaplain Eric Smith, Texas
El Paso

“Your presentation to the Association of Legal Administrators in Las Vegas is a guiding influence in my life. Thank you for in insight in handling stress.”

Virginia Hale

“Marion is absolutely delightful…I heard comments like, “I haven’t laughed that much in years!” I also loved the use of scripture in her presentation–what a gift to the world!!! Keep up the great work!”

Mary Mountford, Texas
Trinity Lutheran Church

“Marion spoke for us at the 2005 Alcon-Rice University Strategic Business Leadership Symposium. She was the class of the field. She received the highest ratings of all the speakers in this 3 day symposium. Marion was the breath of fresh air that we needed in the seminar. Fantastic is a poor choice of words to describe her presenation. I would recommend her to any and all if you want a impactful, hard hitting, and funny presentation..”

Hant Pitcher, Texas
Alcon Laboratory

“I attended your seminar on laughing your way through holiday stress yesterday at Williams. Yours is the best kind of humor: the kind – lased with truth – that makes listeners understand themselves better, makes them think, ‘Yeah, I know what you mean!’ Thanks for a very enjoyable hour.”

Rosanne Munt, Texas
Williams Energy

“Your antidote of humor and your obvious enthusiasm in your presentation put everyone in the department in a relaxed and uplifted mood.”

Scott Hensel, Texas
Administaff, Inc.

“Here are a few comments from our evaluation forms: ‘Wonderful! Wonderful! A shot in the arm to start the Rally!’ ‘Her getting down on the floor with the people she is talking to is very impressive and drives the message home.’ ‘She is terrific!'”

Carolyn Matthews,
Texas Program Administrator
American Lung Association

“I want to commend you for the absolute ‘dynamic’ luncheon program you gave our couples at District Conference.”

Bob Lawrence, Texas
Conference Chairman
Rotary International District Conference

“Thank you Marion, for your time with us, your passion for what you do and how you present that. You continue to make a difference in our lives.”

Judy Gerner, Houston, Texas
Director of the Anderson Network
M.D. Anderson “Living Fully with Cancer” Conference

“I would like to send my gratitude for doing ‘Laughing Your Way Through Stress’ in service. It was awesome! You presented a serious everyday feeling into a humorous, thought provoking manner.”

Tamula Luster
Child Life Specialist, III
Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital

“The workshop which you conducted far exceeded my expectations for what you might have accomplished with our staff. You did an incredible and skillful job working them into total participation.”

Dr. Dorothy Vaughan Chavez, Ph.D.
Outdoor Education Center
Houston ISD

“Your keynote presentation, ‘Laughing Your Way Through Stress,’ was so powerful. You lifted their spirits and helped them face the fact that they can use and should use humor and laughter to deal with stress. Thank you for a job well done…you really hit the mark!”

LaDonna Landry
Consulting and Development Services

“Her talk centers on taking responsibility for your attitude, and she gives specific (and hilarious) ways for managing difficult situations. I plan on bringing her back—soon!”

Cynthia Antonelli, Ph.D.
Director of Organizational Training and Development
Galveston, ISD

“I thought the seminar was wonderful. I didn’t realize we would be so thoroughly entertained!”

Mindy Turner
Fitness Specialist
Anadarko Petroleum

“YES! YES! YES!  Not only were they laughing, they were shouting and waving peach colored napkins above their heads!”

Jan L. Walter
Harris County Medical Society

“I can’t help but wonder how many human relationships you helped and most likely, saved today. If I was ‘Dr. Laura’ or Dr. Joyce Brother’s, I’d be looking over my shoulder knowing that you were out there. The scouts for ’60 Minutes,’ ’20/20,’ ‘Prime Time,’ ‘Jay Leno’ et. al. have somehow missed you and deprived this great nation of ours of your very notable talent.”

R.L. Gabler
Aramco Services Company

“I usually cannot find spare class time for outside speakers. I made an exception to hear Marion Pietz and am I ever glad that I did. I received so many comments from my students telling me they wish that SJC had more speakers like her.”

Scott Ellis
Professor of Speech
San Jacinto College Central

“This speaker really hit home. She said so much of what I feel but never could put into words. This was fun and yet I learned so much. I am definitely able to cathart now.”

Jason Price
Kingwood College Student

“Pietz emphasized the importance of hearty crying and laughter as a cathartic form of stress alleviation.”

San Jacinto College Times

“I have been teaching speech for over 20 years and rarely have I ever been able to find such an exemplary speaker as Marion. She is dynamic, witty, animated and captivates her audience. It was such a pleasure having her here and I relish the opportunity to hear her speak again.”

Gale Sharp
Professor of Speech
San Jacinto College Central

“You’re a lot of fun! Keep up the good work! I’m sure we’ll be calling for your services again.”

Joan Edwards
Texas AWHONN Secretary/Treasurer
(Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses)